Vi har tre olika träningsupplägg.
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fredag 170630
Dagens pass A. E2M X 5 sets @ 80-90% effort. Controlled movement 8-12 Bench press 8-12 Bent over barbell row
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torsdag 170629
Dagens pass A. 12 min Technique in Handstand 8-12 X 10-20 sec Kick up against wall or spotter/partner with as
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onsdag 170628
Dagens pass A. Within 12 min, For time: 1600/1450m Row As a start and E90s: 5s Perfect handstand (maybe add
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tisdag 170627
Dagens pass A. E90s X 7 sets @ 90% effort 4/4 + 4/4 Double DB Punch lunge back into DB front
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måndag 170626
Dagens pass A. EMOM 12 min @ 90% effort 1 SLOW and controlled Snatch high pull 1 Power snatch with
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söndag 170625
Dagens pass In teams of two, complete as many rounds as possible in 38 minutes, working one at a time,
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lördag 170624
Dagens pass Midsummers day - Nordic is closed   Fitness Midsummers day - Nordic is closed   Performance A. 10m
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fredag 170623
Dagens pass Midsummers Eve - Open gym A. Alt. E90s X 6 sets of each, 12 total A1. 4-6 Back
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torsdag 170622
Dagens pass 3 X 9 min amraps @ 85-90% effort. Rest 3 min between. A. Amrap 9 min 10 Toes to
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